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How smart do you want your home?




Totally scalable features


  • See what lights have been left on
  • Last man out switch – flick a switch and everything goes off
  • Colour change lighting – set the mood using the full RGB spectrum
  • Any touch of your light switch shown in the app

Baby Monitor & Security

  • See in real-time what’s happening in your home, see what the dog or cat is doing.
  • Baby monitoring – No more wondering what the baby sitter is doing, discrete cameras located in strategic places.


  • Holiday mode: No more wasting heat when your away – Just flick a switch. Even if you forget, just do it from your phone
  • Watch in real time how much each room cost to heat
  • Get the temperature you want at the time you want
  • Monitor accurately the temperature in each room
  • See graphical trends of heating costs, energy use and temperature over time

Audio & Visual Control

  • Control your TV and similar devices
  • Integrate seamlessly with your music system, e.g Sonos, Onkyo, Yamaha etc.

Application Control (Any 13A app)

  • Individual appliance control: Control when you children’s TV looses power
  • Kill power to your phone charger after a certain time (Save those batteries)
  • Control any appliance you can plug into a wall

General Feature

  • Record a task for a specific time. E.g turn off lights once you fall asleep.
  • Ultra low latency, no delay when control your home, where ever you are in the world.
  • Dedicated remote for quick access, if you can’t be bothered to pick up the phone/tablet.
  • User Credentials: Different users see different things – Give your kids access to control their room lights but nothing else.
  • Email, SMS, and Voice Call for status updates.

As one of JSJ’s cofounders, I moved into our newly developed Willmott Dixon apartment in 2014. To my surprise this luxurious apartment had a very manual heating system that I nor wife found easy to use. This was my first pet peeve.

“Checking on our sleeping daughter
has never been easier”

We are now delighted, checking on our sleeping daughter has never been easier – we can now control and monitor our Baby Monitor from anywhere in the world through an App on our phone. Not only that, but all our Lights, Heating, TV, Music and more can be controlled from within the same App.  We can now keep an eye on our expenses, as the App shows how much each room is costing to heat per day, month or year.

Our home also learns heating patterns and gives us the temperature we want at the time that we want it. Now that’s smart! JSJ would like to partner with major Developers, such as Willmott Dixon to make affordable Smart Homes common place in the UK and beyond.