Wireless retrofit solution


At JSJ Smart Homes, we design your home with you and your budget in mind. Note, your mind is the only limit.


We develop your Smart Home right here in the UK, the installation can be carried out by own own team or your Electrician.


Our Smart Homes can be deployed, taking up no more space than your current consumer unit.



Typical features included, Lighting, Heating & Security.




Typical features included, Lighting, Heating & Security, Access Control.


Good Value


Typical features included, Enhanced Lighting, Heating, Security, Access Control, Multimedia, Ventilation, Shading & Energy Management.


Wireless retrofit solution

Check in on your little angels.

We are now delighted, checking on our sleeping daughter has never been easier – we can now control and monitor our Baby Monitor from anywhere in the world through an App on our phone. Not only that, but all our Lights, Heating, TV, Music and more can be controlled from within the same App. We can now keep an eye on our expenses, as the App shows how much each room is costing to heat per day, month or year.

The right temperature at the right time, now thats smart

Our home also learns heating patterns and gives us the temperature we want at the time that we want it. Now that’s smart! JSJ would like to partner with major Developers, such as Willmott Dixon to make affordable Smart Homes common place in the UK and beyond.

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