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What package do I need?


A Bronze care package means that you will have full remote support, irrespective of the control package that you have, you’ll benefit from all the features explained in our T&C’s with the exception of any physical call outs.


A Silver care package would include anything up to 6 control packages. Typical packages are shown here, however there could be any combination. This package includes 1 physical call out for the the year, which is usually used as the annual maintenance visit.


A Gold care package would typically have up to 9 control packages as shown here, however you could have any combination of control packages.  This package includes 2 physical call outs for the year,  inclusive of 1 annual maintenance visit alongside an emergency call out if required.


A Platinum care package would typically include 10 or more control packages. Typical packages are shown here, however you could have any combination. Do get in contact with us for bespoke quotation.


Can I select the package I want?

Yes, the packages are compiled into 4 simple segments and serve merely as a guide to the costs required to fully support you throughout the year. A Bronze care package means that you’ll have 1 – 3 control packages and would likely need less attention. Although this would typically be Lighting, Heating and Basic Appliances, this could equally be Lighting, Casual Audio and Security. The same principle applies for the others, for example a Silver care package would typically include 4 – 6 control packages and conversely a gold package would be up to 9 control packages. Platinum packages are for very large domestics or commercial properties and typically would have 10 or more control packages. Control packages are listed here and you can have any combination as previously explained. Please note that our packages are tailored around level of complexity rather than the size of the install.

What does an annual Service include?

Update you to the latest stable software, even Apple do not always get updates right. So we will manually update your system once we’ve tried and tested it.

Physical visit to check equipment, run diagnostics tests and do any tweaks you’d like, although you’d need to give us notice before we arrive. Spontaneous requests may not be able to be dealt with onsite.

What if I do not want a care package?

The care package is optional however it is highly recommend. When you contact our support team on an issue, we automatically prioritise those who are part of our care plan. Users outside of the plan will experience significantly longer wait times than those inside the plan, not to mention the discounted prices. Please see our 2018 revised Pricelist. This price list comes in to force as of April 1st 2018. We recommend that all our clients take out at least the minimum Bronze package

What is the discount rate for subscribers?

20% for the project in question

How many emergency call outs do I get?

For domestic clients with medium sized installs (Silver), the typical call out is 1 per annum. This could be used in the case of an emergency or if is not used during the contract period, you’ll have 1 annual maintenance visit. Basically we see it prudent to at least have 1 system overhaul throughout the year. Bronze packages have no call outs, just remote support whereas our Gold packages have 2 call outs which includes 1 annual maintenance visit.

What is included in the packages?

What is included in the packages is best explained through our Terms and Conditions.

When will I need the support package?

Your defect period is guaranteed for 12 months after the move in date. Any changes/tweaks within this period will be covered. 12 months after the move in date, JSJ will no longer be able to give you priority/free support.

What will change?

At present, as we haven’t had a support package in place we would have assisted you remotely at no extra cost pending on the issue. Post April this year, this level of support will only be available to subscribers.