Create Your Dream
Smart Home

Transform your house into a Smart Home and simplify your life with our reliable, functional and easy-to-use technology. Experience a new level of comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.

Create Your Dream
Smart Home

Every-day problems, in every-day houses

Do these situations
feel familiar?

Sky-high energy bills

Creating zoned heating saves a fortune vs central heating. Why heat the whole house if you only want 1 room to be warm.

Always worrying

Feeling anxious about home and family safety takes a toll on your peace of mind. Enjoy your holidays without having to worry about your house.

Feeling Unsatisfied

Create a welcoming home for parties & family gatherings. Transform your space into a stunning haven for unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Happy Family with Kids

It is not just a better house,
it is a new haven

Imagine a world where you can leave your house with complete peace of mind knowing that your property is secure. Where you can effortlessly manage your home’s lighting, heating, music, and security from anywhere with just one app. And where you can create the perfect ambience for every moment of your life.

With our all-in-one smart home solution, that world is within reach. Say goodbye to complicated technology and hello to the home of your dreams.

Enhance your home,
upgrade your life

Do you need a bespoke solution?

Common Concerns when
thinking of a Smart Home

💷 Cost

While the initial investment in a smart home
system may seem high, just by having better control you can save upwards of 20%. Why heat all rooms when you only need one!

Additionally, we offer flexible payment options to help make the investment more manageable.

👁 Privacy concerns

We offer a professionally installed solution that protects your data and ensure your privacy by having multiple layers of segregation.

i.e.:Professional grade routers & servers that aid anonymity with VLANs to segregate your data.

🔌 Compatibility issues

Not all IOT smart home devices are compatible with each other and have limited integration features, you are also reliant on support at the manufacturer level.

Our approach is universal, we work with your existing “dumb” devices and make them smart irrespective of the manufacturer. We can control almost any electrical or digital device so you can avoid any compatibility issues and enjoy seamless integration between all your devices irrespective of manufacturer.

🤷🏼 Complexity

Most Smart Home systems are complex, whether it is to install, configure or make them work together. Most people end up having multiple apps and devices that provide a disappointing experience.

That is why we offer a professional installed solution, unbeatable client service and an All-in-One App solution that is both flexible and powerful.

🚨 Security concerns

All your security issues stem from disparate DIY solutions that are cloud-based and not in the control of you, the user. We circumvent this with a localised (non-internet dependent) server on your local network. So not matter what, your system will work, with or without the internet.

When a system is professionally installed, there are multiple layers of security i.e.: Anonymity, various layers of secure passwords and VPNs for secure traffic alongside firewalls to protect against unauthorized access.

Total Control in one intuitive & simple App

Fine Features
Brilliant Benefits

Project Life Cycle

It is simple, it all starts with
a no-pressure informative call

1. Consultation with an expert

Click the button below and book a call with one of our experts. They will provide you with all the necessary information and will help you find the perfect solution for your home

2. Convenient Installation

Experience the convenience of a quick, easy and smooth installation process that won’t disrupt your home. Our technology can seamlessly integrate with your space in less than a week.

3. Enjoy your new Smart Home!

Congratulations on your new automated home! Now you can rest easy knowing that your family is safe, that you are saving money and that you can have the lifestyle you always wanted.

Why we are the Smart
option for your project


While some smart home systems can be complex, our solution is user-friendly and requires little to no setup or maintenance.

You will be able to do both, use your home as normal without even touching the phone and control everything from any device with an intuitive app.


Smart homes provide unparalleled comfort by allowing you to control your home’s temperature, lighting, and entertainment systems with just a few taps on your phone.

Fumbling for the remote or getting up to adjust the thermostat is part of the past.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with owning a smart home.

With advanced security systems, remote monitoring, and smart locks, you can rest easy knowing that your family and property are safe. No matter if you are in or out of your house.


A smart home adapts to your lifestyle and preferences, providing personalised comfort, convenience, and safety.

Our experts will guide you through the process of creating your dream home, ensuring your specific needs and choices are met.

Great Service leads to
Happy Customers

Honestly one of the best companies I have had the pleasure of dealing with. They installed a full Loxone system and I’ve literally not had any issues with it.
I’ve required a few minor changes and updates and they have turned these all around within 24 hours every time. I would use them every time and recommend them for every size job to anyone

JSJ Client

Stefan, Tomasz and the team at JSJ have provided a great design and installation for our new smart home, always providing clear and easily understandable explanations and going that extra distance to make sure that everything works as it should. I would definitely recommend JSJ

JSJ Client

Delighted with our new home automation system and easy to use. Outstanding service and customer care, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

S. BurnesPutney Heath

Now that I’ve got it, I can’t imagine living without it. It’s really changed the way I think about what a home should be


Great Bonuses
Only for the next 10 clients!


Customized Design Plan

We’ll give you a design service worth £1,500 for free

The custom plan we create for you is detailed by room, products and categories so you’ll have enough information for DIY or to compare and contrast with other providers. We arm you with all the details so you are in control right from the start.


Echo Studio Alexa

We will include & configure the latest generation of Amazon Alexa for free!

Echo Studio is the only speaker that creates an immersive, three-dimensional soundscape, enveloping you in studio-quality audio from any direction. You can also ask Alexa to set alarms, control smart home devices, check the weather, play a song, and more.

Echo Studio Alexa


Shelly Plus Plug Bundle

We will include three Shelly Plus Plug & configure them for Free.

Shelly Plus Plug will monitor and control lighting, heating, or any other connected electrical appliance at home. It has LED indications to inform you of power consumption and the current state. (You can switch off the colour indications entirely if needed.) Control the power socket from a distance, save energy and integrate it with your Smart Home.

Shelly Plus Plug

Avoid a 7% increase
for next month

Because of inflation due to global events like COVID and the Ukraine War, the costs of materials are rising. Secure a lower price for your SMART HOME today.

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice. Avoid this common and amateurish mistake!

Benefits of talking with
a Smart Home Expert

+ Our Experts will guide you in finding the best option for your project and help you to add the features you want to your home, taking into account your specifications and your budget.

+ No matter if your project does not end up being the right fit for our service, we will clarify any doubts you may have about Smart Homes, products, installation, and devices, pointing you in the right direction.

+ You will receive a detailed brochure automatically in your email, even before our call. It includes the best products on the market and a full description of all the functionalities and features of our services.

+ You will get access to a tailored price quotation for your smart home project and which will include exactly what you want and request.

+ Talking is free, unlike making an uninformed decision which can be very costly, both in time and money! Let our experts guide you and avoid unnecessary headaches.

Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

by the number of smart home options on the market

Extinguish uncertainty

the inconvenience of managing multiple remote controls for different devices

Get rid of the Frustration

with the lack of customization options offered by off-the-shelf smart home systems

Eliminate Concerns

about the cost of installing a smart home system

Vanish annoyance

by the difficulty of programming home automation routines on their own

Ease Preocupations

about the reliability of smart home technology and the potential for malfunctions

Remove Worries

about the complexity of operating and maintaining a smart home system

Evaporate the Anxiety

about the security risks, data breaches or hacks, associated with smart home technology

Wipe out the irritation

of limited compatibility between different brands of smart home devices.

We will Match or Beat
any Price Guaranteed

Don't lose this opportunity to gain a next-level warranty when you decide to go with us. Get full protection for your Smart Home Installation Service. We will match or beat the price of other providers, so what are you waiting for, get your free consultation today!

Frequently asked questions

Will there need to be any damage to my property?

For a wireless/retrofit project, little to no damage would be required! We use a combination of your existing electrical infrastructure and battery powered devices to control your home. No need to worry about having to redecorate after installation. For a wired system it’s the same process as a full electrical rewire.

How long does it take to install?

This depends entirely on the size of your setup but in our experience, it’s normally within a week. The average 2 bedroom flat set up can be installed in a day for a wireless system. For a wired system the longest part is the first fix which is typically 2 to 4 weeks of work for a typical 3-bed terraced house. The Loxone panel will take approximately 5 to 10 days to complete.

What if there is a power cut?

In the event of a power cut, you wouldn’t be able to turn your lights or heating on or off anyway so there’s no change there.  We do however offer services for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), although this is typically needed in special scenarios where you can’t afford to be offline.

How reliable is a wireless automation system?

When it comes to reliability, it is important to ensure that data is sent between sender and receiver.

For example, if a room is too cold, the central control system sends the command “heating valve open“. The actuator sends a confirmation to the central control that the signal has arrived. If the confirmation is missing, the signal is sent again.

The technology that we use also works according to this principle. If a device is offline, this is automatically detected. A push notification will be automatically sent from the Loxone App to either the home/building owner or JSJ to take care of it.

Can I install the system myself?

You can certainly give it a go if you have basic electrical knowledge and a solid design from our team. Most people use their own electrician to keep costs down, or we can supply you with one of our certified/approved installers. We can be a one-stop shop for your equipment, installation and aftercare.

What if something stops working?

Nothing is perfect and stuff can go wrong on occasion. A year of aftercare is included in your price and you have a year warranty on any piece of equipment in your set up, 2 years for your Loxone kit. We’ll be right there to help you so you’re never left in the dark. Our support email is:

How secure is wireless building automation?

As some wireless systems’ communication takes place over the air, often unencrypted, this bears the risk that unauthorized persons may “overhear” the communication and, in the worst case, repeat commands. As a non-network-based solution, Loxone provides secure encryption that meets the highest standards within any wireless building automation project. In fact, by creating a Cloud-free system, we firmly believe: “Your building, your data“, which means data stays within the walls of your home our building and never gets analyzed externally.

On a wireless hybrid approach, data is still local and ideally we fully manage your network and hence network security. Loxone smart homes are not cloud based, we offer a professionally installed network system that combats network threats as we essentially create a commercial grade setup for your property. We also offer to setup further secuirty such as firewalls/VLAN’s & ultra secure passwords.

10 Year Guarantee

Feel at ease with
our insane 10-yearguarantee

Happy Woman Using Tablet App

We are JSJ Smart Homes

We are specialist in cross-system integration. Our projects are valued over £100 million across 4 continents.

We bring all the functional aspects of a building into one place, from security alarms, heating, lighting, electrical appliances, to energy management & multimedia systems.

Founder & Managing Director

Stefan Knight

Stefan’s primary role at JSJ Smart Homes is to oversee the implementation of the core business strategy. Stefan oversees all components of the business with a focus on sales, finance, client acquisition and strategic partnerships. Stefan is known as the risk taker, his youth stimulates his drive and ultimately ensures the JSJ team is always at least a few steps ahead of the competition.

Having left school in 2004 without GCSEs, Stefan studied an NVQ level 2/3 in Electrical Installation. By 18 he became an Electrical Supervisor, managing up to 10 Electricians of which he was the youngest. At 19, he retook his Maths and English GCSEs to complete an Access Course at CONEL. He later went on to study Electronic & Electrical Engineering at UCL, co-founded JSJ and also worked briefly in finance at Goldman Sachs and UBS investment banks.

Co-Founder & Electrical Foreman

Jermaine Carter

Jermaine ensures that any project under his care is carefully managed and maintained from initiation right through to completion. Jermaine has built and overseen some of JSJ’s most notable projects, such as Woolwich Crown Court, Oman Villa, Paris (Boulevard Maillot), and Spice Quay amidst many others and in his time at JSJ has personally overseen over £500k worth of projects. Jermaine has also worked on some of London’s most iconic landmarks, such as The Shard, 1 Hyde Park and Park Lane’s Hilton and Dorchester Hotel.

Jermaine outside of JSJ is building his property portfolio in the sunny skies of Kingston Jamaica, where he neighbours with some of Jamaica’s most notable figures, namely Usain Bolt. Jermaine say’s, ‘Being born in a small village in Jamaica and to have reached where I am so far is such a blessing’, he goes on to say that your ‘attitude determines your altitude’ and that if and when a door opens for you, ‘walk through it, cultivate it and make it your own’.

Ben Leon
Advisory Board Member

Ben Leon

Ben serves as an Advisor and Chair to the Directors of JSJ. He has worked with JSJ since 2014 and has personally overseen JSJ’s strategic and image overhaul. Ben has a track record of growing businesses and leaders across challenging international environments and brings this skill set to focus JSJ on being a disruptive force in the Home Automation market. Ben says ‘JSJ has all the attributes of a successful company, and with the right focus and support it will be a key player in the new Smart Home market’.

Ben has a vast array of experience from launching disruptive technology globally, launching Oman’s first low-cost carrier, a private jet venture, and Caribbean Airlines in Trinidad & Tobago, through to leading a Top 100 UK charity, and a European NGO including humanitarian aid with the UNHCR. Ben co-founded a cargo company, and a charity each winning coveted industry awards, and serves as a Board Member of a number of enterprises.

Tomasz Iwanski
Head of Technical

Tomasz Iwanski

Tomasz is dubbed the technical guru of the JSJ team. Tom looks after the design and implementation of our client’s Smart Homes, he has the experience that spans the entire category of control systems, from Lighting, Heating, AV, Security/CCTV, Access Control/Door Entry, and Energy Monitoring including Solar PV, Ventilation & Cooling. Tom has taken JSJ’s leap of faith in building Smart Homes into reality and working closely with the operations team, ensuring that the right technical knowledge is passed down to those deploying the system.

Tom albeit supertechnical, is an excellent communicator. He lends this skill set from having worked on low-level components such as Gold plated PCBs for McLaren. Tom has worked on the low-level assembly of many of the devices we use in society today. He spent over 4 years studying electronics and computer networks and another 8 years in industry before JSJ. Tom has built JSJ’s first Smart Home in the south side of Poland, bringing another tangent to his current offerings to the JSJ team

Jason Forrest
Operations Director

Jason Forrest

Jason heads up the onsite operations of the business. Jason ensures that JSJ’s core values, culture and standard of workmanship are passed on to all members of the team. Jason has built strategic alliances with the likes of Tom Ford and Harrods Design Studio which has seen JSJ’s works reach as far afield as the Middle East and various parts of Europe. Jason also looks after H&S, ensuring that all operatives are working safely.

Before JSJ, Jason had worked as a professional Chef and has cooked for the likes of Michael Jackson, Arsenal & Tottenham football clubs, Royal Ascot, Grand National and Cheltenham Gold Cup, not to mention The Royal Family and many other high-profile figures and organisations. Jason brings his skill set for making meticulous meals and deserts for large crowds and applies this to his work in Electronic Engineering, ensuring JSJ can scale whilst maintaining excellence.

Matthew Nicholas
Head of Innovation

Matthew Nicholas

Matthew is a qualified mechanical engineer and the latest edition to the JSJ team. He has helped take JSJ to the next level with his disruptive thinking by creating definitive and scalable processes for every JSJ project. Since joining, Matthew has turned the idea of an affordable smart home into a reality by spearheading the launch of Node Automation and implementing important documentation and drawings to help make designing and delivering a smart home quicker and cheaper. Matthew has now started to win, manage and deliver projects while still helping to scale and innovate all of the company’s processes further.

Before joining JSJ, Matthew had worked as a mechanical engineer at an M&E consultancy and as a junior product designer for an innovation company. He has worked with big-name clients such as Deutsche Bank and possesses the communication skills and charisma to be able to deliver to the client’s needs well after a long and successful career in private education.

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