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New features

In this video, we’ll give you an introduction to the new features in our redesigned app.


Make use of our search feature to quickly find rooms, categories, functions and more – be as broad or specific as you like.

Home/Overview tab

The ‘Home’ tab gives you an at-a-glance overview of the various elements of your Loxone Smart Home, allowing you to make quick changes where necessary.

Interface settings

Use Interface Settings to make quick changes to your app’s user interface, personalising it to your exact preferences.


The Favourites tab makes it quick and easy to access the smart home functions that you use most

Tile buttons

Tile Buttons work in a similar way to your Loxone Touch Switch. You can now carry out quick functions without having to browse through menus.

Lighting controller V2

The new Loxone Lighting Controller brings a whole host of new features to enhance your smart lighting control. Watch our quick intro here, and stay tuned for our more detailed videos.

Colour sequence

Create ‘magical’ colour lighting sequences using the Lighting Controller; our dimmer drivers will take care of a smooth transition.

Creating & editing lighting Moods

Previously known as scenes, lighting moods ensure the perfect atmosphere, all with a touch of your Loxone Switch or App.

Mixing lighting moods

We’ve introduced the ability to ‘mix’ lighting moods, so that you can quickly introduce more light to a room, therefore changing the overall atmosphere for a brief period.

Heating & cooling

Although your Loxone Smart Home can intelligently automate your heating and cooling systems, our app gives you total control over the temperature of your home.


Blinds and curtains in a Loxone Smart Home can be intelligently automated, so that they open and close according to the sun’s rays, or at a pre-defined time; for example first thing in the morning.

Burglar alarm

You can quickly and effortlessly arm, disarm, and check the status of your smart security system, as well as receive push notifications should anything be out of the ordinary.

Music zones

You can seamlessly group your multiroom audio so that your music can follow you from room to room; perfect for when you’re entertaining guests. If you’d prefer to have different music in different rooms, simply ungroup them with just a few taps of the app.

Audio settings

Your favourite streaming services and music libraries – such as Spotify, Google Play, AirPlay and more – can be effortlessly integrated into your multiroom audio installation for a top-quality listening experience.

Car charging

Your Loxone Smart Home can intelligently manage the charging of your electric car, using cheaper energy tariffs or ‘balancing the load’ by switching off appliances when they’re not in use. Either way, you can view and manage the whole process using our app.


The Loxone Weather Service not only gives you detailed weather information within the app, but can also be used to automate the various features of your smart home such as shading; for example, lowering the blinds when the sun is shining in a certain direction.

Quick actions

Quickly access your most commonly used features direct from your home screen using Quick Actions. These can be pre-defined as you wish, and give you another intuitive way to interact with your smart home.

Autopilot designer

Autopilot Designer is helpful for creating custom automation rules, meaning that your Loxone Smart Home will take care of things that you used to do manually. You can even use our Text-To-Speech (TTS) function to give yourself an audible reminder if the back door was open, for instance.


Out of the house and expecting a delivery? You can use the Loxone app to answer the front door wherever you are, and even open it so the driver can leave your parcel in a safe place. What’s more, if you use iButtons as part of your Loxone Smart Home, you can view an ‘Access Log’ to make sure that everyone’s arrived home safely.

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