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After Care

Have a look at our bespoke after care package

£69.99/month (Best Seller)

7 Days a Week (8am to 10pm)

Up to 6 diagnostics visits/yr

1 Annual Maintenance Visit

Rolling Contract


Monday – Friday (8am to 5pm)

Up to 2 diagnostics visits

12 Month Contract

£15.99/month (Remote Care Only)

Monday to Friday (8am to 5pm)

No physical call outs

12 Month Contract

This is for more complex homes including multiple dwellings or commercial/industrial applications where a tailored approach is required and is hence subject to an assessment per project. Contact us for a quotation.

The maintenance cost proposal is largely based on response time and the degree of physical support available. Irrespective of the size/complexity of your project our prices are designed to fit all needs and budgets. Response times outside our care packages are typically 10 – 20 working days. Please view our criteria by clicking: here


What package do I need?


A Bronze care package means that you will have full remote support within office hours, you’ll benefit from all the features explained in our T&C’s with the exception of any physical call outs.  With a care plan,  you’ll have quicker response times (within 5 working days), limited remote support/configuration changes. No discounts on future or additional works. Please see our criteria here.


A Silver care package package includes up to  8 control packages. (30 minute) diagnostics visits per year, with a maximum of 2 within office hours, you’ll have a response time of 5 days. Not to mention discounted labour on all future works whether physical support or additional works and unlimited configuration time. Please view our criteria by clicking: here


A Gold care package includes up to 6 (1 hour) emergency call outs per year, and inclusive of 1 annual maintenance visit. There is an even quicker response time of 24 hrs and outside of office hours support. Not to mention discount on all future works whether physical support or additional works.


A Platinum care package would typically include 10 or more control packages. Typical packages are shown here, however you could have any combination. Do get in contact with us for bespoke quotation.

All packages include


  • Control Equipment – Each Visit
    • Check the internal area of the control panels
    • Check operation of all control switches
  • Software update & New Releases
    • Check the Miniserver is running on the latest stable firmware version
  • Subscription check
    • Check any required subscriptions are up to date, e.g. weather service
  • Miniserver Check
    • Check memory and SD card is healthy
  • Extention Check
    • Check all extensions are online
  • Configuration Check
    • Check configuration is up to date to the latest Loxone standards, any obsolete function blocks updated accordingly.
    • Diagnostics
    • JSJ notified of any system warnings automatically, e.g battery levels, potential heating issues.
  • Audio & Visual Check
    • Check all software is up to date and system is fully functional
  • Alarm Devices
    • Check Sounders or Bells will be activated
    • Check alarm is functional and all parameters are approximately checked
  • Motorised Applianced
    • Check all motors are operational
  • Wireless Devices
    • Check communications link
    • Check battery status
  • Documentation – Each Visit
    • Current and Historic faults will be assessed prior to service commencing
On each visit JSJ Smart Homes will ensure, by means of visual checks that devices are secure, undamaged and that operational devices are free from obstructions and thus excessive heat. JSJ will also check that the main user is fully aware of how to use the system and also conscious of any new releases.
At JSJ Smart Homes, we normally respond within 72 hours of the support ticket depending on the urgency. Please be sure to email for the optimum response time, as your email will be automatically validated. Contact to member of staff’s direct telephone may not be picked up in time and hence may be subject to delays outside of this agreement.

Key Benefits

Reduced Rates

Emergency visits/Annual checks

Free remote diagnostics. Find issues before they arrive.

20% off prices for services outside your care package

JSJ also offer:

Free remote updates

Out of hours remote support

Advice on upgrade paths


Can I select the package I want?

Yes, the packages are compiled into 4 simple segments and serve merely as a guide to the costs required to fully support you throughout the year. Platinum packages are typically for very large domestics or commercial properties and typically would have 10 or more control packages. Control packages are listed here and you can have any combination as previously explained. Please note that our packages are tailored around level of complexity rather than the size of the install.

What does an annual Service included?

Update you to the latest stable software, even Apple do not always get updates right. So we will manually update your system once we’ve tried and tested it.

Physical visit (if included) to check equipment, run diagnostics tests and do any tweaks you’d like, although you’d need to give us notice before we arrive. Spontaneous requests may not be able to be dealt with onsite.

What if do not want a care package?

The care package is optional however it is highly recommend. When you contact our support team on an issue, we automatically prioritise those who are part of our care plan. Users outside of the plan will experience significantly longer wait times than those inside the plan, not to mention the discounted prices. Please see our revised price list. This price list comes in to force as of April 1st 2018. We recommend that all our clients take out at least the minimum Bronze package.

What is the discount rate for subscribers?

For Silver, Gold & Platinum packages, the discount rate is 20% off labour for the project in question.

How many emergency call outs do I get?

6 callouts per year for Gold (inclusive of 1 annual maintenance visit) and up to 2 call outs per year for Silver care packages. Platinum is tailored to each client whilst bronze is purely remote support.

What is included in the packages?

What is included in the packages is best explained through our Terms and Conditions.

When will I need the support package?

Your defect period is guaranteed for 12 months after the move in date. Any changes/tweaks within this period will be covered. 12 months after the move in date, JSJ will no longer be able to give you priority/free support.

What will change?

At present, as we haven’t had a support package in place we would have assisted you remotely at no extra cost pending on the issue. Post April 2018, this level of support will only be available to subscribers.

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