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Prices (Excluding VAT)

The price of a project will depend on a number of factors. As such, it usually requires a detailed quotation. Prices given below serve merely as a guideline price for short-term work. Congestion and parking charges maybe applicable and will be added to the bill.

Smart Home Engineer Cost
Call Out (1st Hour) £150
Hourly Rate (Up to 5Hrs) £75
Minimum Charge (Onsite Less than 15mins) £70
Engineer Day Rate (>3hrs) £490
Inspection & Testing (Per Module) £100
Remote Support (Per Hour) £85

The prices above are for clients without a client care package or those who have a project designed/installed by others and they’d like JSJ to carry out additional works. Emergency call outs are fixed at 1.5 times our 1st hour call out rates for the duration of the visit.

Electrician (Minor Works) Cost
Call Out (1st Hour) £120
Hourly Rate £70

The prices above are typically for clients who require us to do minor electrical works. E.g. replacing sockets or fault finding. We do not typically carry projects which require only small power installations unless they come as part of an overall Smart Home. Emergency call outs are fixed at 1.5 times our 1st hour call out rates for the duration of the visit.

Consultancy/Design Meeting Cost
First Hour £150
Hourly Rate (Up to 3Hrs) £100
Consultancy Day Rate £490
Remote assistance (over the phone / Internet) £60

The prices above are for clients who would like us to design a system for them that may go out to tender. Drawings, Cable Schedules and a full Scope of Works are likely to be produced. Emergency call outs are fixed at 1.5 times our 1st hour call out rates for the duration of the visit.

Meetings for the purpose of producing quotation and the quotation itself are free of charge. The conclusion of the meeting will include a guideline design to outline what we are pricing towards, this is purely for clarity when comparing costs. Itemised prices can be produced however the consultancy prices discussed above would need to be adhered to.

As we are not charging you for this service, we will therefore not provide all possible details pertaining to the quote, however there will be sufficient info in order to obtain comparable costings. Larger projects may be complex and lengthy. Therefore, the quotation may contain an element of uncertainty. This is similar to any construction project where use of provisional (PS) sums is well established.

Customers who require a very detailed and fixed sum are advised to split the design process and installation / equipment phases. In such a situation, the initial fee for design is small compared to overall project and allows one to lock in the price for the main stage of the project (i.e. equipment purchase, installation, programming, configuration and commissioning).

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