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Our Packages

Choose from our Bronze room solution right through to our fully controlled bespoke Platinum package for your entire property portfolio.
Bronze package is largely a wireless solution and should be considered when you do not want to do any redecoration. The package is best served for small dwellings such as a room, studio or 1-2 bed flat. Remember, you can always bolt on features in the future to work your way up to Gold.
Silver package is both a tailored package and largely a wired solution. This package is best served when renovating your property, such as adding an extension or carrying out a loft conversion.

Gold is a tailored package and a wired solution. This package is to be considered when purchasing a new house, flat or when completely renovating your property.

Platinum is a bespoke package and an extension from gold. Consider this package if you have a significantly large property/ properties or simply if you want to make your house a show home.

All packages include

Email notifications from any devices in your new Smart Home. The ability to click a switch and be in holiday mode, no more wasting heat. Presence simulation to give the illusion that you are at home, simply repeats your last 7 days of switching lights on/off in any or every room.

Various operating modes: flick a switch physical or virtual and your heating sched- ule will change to a schedule you require. E.g. At Home or At Work mode.

Actions on your home system can be set based on your geographical locations. E.g. At sunset switch my external lights on.

The above control can also be applied as a corporate or industrial solution and programmed according to business use.

JSJ has successfully designed and installed smart solutions for commercial properties, offices and retail outlets

We automate for all:




JSJ also offer:

Call outs

Fault finding


JSJ partner with Loxone to bring affordable smart properties to the UK & beyond.

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