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What does JSJ actually do

Here at JSJ we work along side our partners at Loxone to help provide you with a real smart home. Whether you are building, extending or renovating, we have both wired and wireless solutions for you to choose from. We design, build and programme our smart homes to your specification. We aim and thrive off making your automation dreams a reality, from the house that can do all your bedtime chores, to the party house that all the family loves.


Create lighting scenes around your home to suit every occasion.


Keep an eye on your home all hours of the day.

Fire & Burglar alarm

Warn off intruders and receive notifications where ever you are.


Zoned Heating, heating your home just the way you like it.

Blinds & Shutters

Use blinds to provide privacy and control the temperature of you home.


Helping to set the mood, for a relaxing bath or a family party.

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Typical features included, Lighting, Heating & Security.





Typical features included, Lighting, Heating, Security and Access Control in the entire property.





Typical features included, Enhanced Lighting, Heating & Security, Access Control, Multimedia, Ventilation, Shading & Energy Management.