What does

JSJ actually


JSJ designs, installs and programs a variety of circuits to ensure that a number of devices in your home, office or factory is controlled by one unique application on your phone, tablet or any PC. Our mission is to make affordable smart homes commonplace in the UK and beyond.

With JSJ’s smart home solutions, we program your property for your particular need, making it easy for you to control and monitor the following worldwide:


Blinds & shutters

Audio & Visual

Fire/Burglar Alarms


Smart Heating

  • Zoned heating
  • Central heating
  • Underfloor heating
  • Temperature sensors in each room

Other features includes:


  • Remote monitoring of your entire property’s electricity, or just a single appliance.
  • Colour changing lights
    + Party mode
  • Solar Powered Features
    + Monitor the electricity you generate and use
  • Holiday Mode
    + Change what your property does when you’re away
  • Tracker
    + Check who’s entered and left the house
  • Intercom
    + Open or lock the door from work
  • Remote shutdown of any appliance + in case you leave the oven o

Lighting control


For any type of light including LED’s, switched, dimmed or addressable lighting

Appliance control


For any individual 13A socket device. E.g. A table lamp or computer

Heating control


Whether electric or water based, with the ability to see graphically how your temperature changes over time and monitor the temperature changes in each room. Get exactly the temperature you want, at exactly the time you want

Non standard Heating systems


All the perks of our Heating Control applied to every intricacy of your property’s mechanical system. Control every pump, heating and hot water valve with the ability to simulate a working system, ideal for very large properties

Energy monitoring


Check your energy usage by month, week, day or second and the associated cost. You could also monitor energy you generate through solar and see how much you save in your local currency. See how you energy use changes over timechange over time

Casual Audio


Control integration with Sonos, Onkyo and Yamaha systems. Play piped music throughout or in specific sections of your home

Distributed Audio & Visual


All the perks of Casual Audio coupled with control of any TV E.g. turn your TV on, dim the lights and close your blinds simultaneously

Integration with your Fire Alarm


Lighting escape routes in the event of a fire. Recommended safety feature

Blind, Curtain, Shutter & Gate control


Control your motorised appliances based on any event in your home. E.g. Open your blinds or curtains at sunrise and close them at sunset. You can even leverage our Video and Access Control package to grant access to and from your property via your electric gates

Access Control


Biometrics authentication (fingerprint access), iButton or RFID card technology to access your property. Potential of updating a database with who’s access your property and when.

Video Entry


See who’s at your door from work, and choose to open a sub-door for deliveries. Discrete intercoms systems, invisible camera with the illusion of an ordinary system until the door bell is pressed.

Alarm system


Lights flash and music comes on in the event of an intrusion. Face Detection, detects faces where they shouldn’t be, captures a real time image when a face is detected, whether at day or night. Covert cameras: cameras that you cannot see. Text to speech, triggered based on any event.

Security monitoring worldwide


CCTV with two way audio, a voice deterrent to enable you to shout at intruders remotely, activate any device, call a neighbor and Police, and close all shutters whilst viewing intruder’s response. Monitor who comes in and out with individual ID tags

Possibilities with our packages


Entry cards

To swipe in & swipe out. When you swipe out, we’ll make sure nothing is left on and your alarm is armed. This feature is eco-friendly

Control of motorised windows

E.g. Velux

Custom made switches

With engravings and LED indicators

Architectural finishes

On all electrical appliances

Sauna systems

You never have to wait again, start it before you get home

Swimming pool

Monitor your filter status, water level, temperature, and even your pH level from you phone

Remote deadlock of all doors

Mobile notifications

Get a phone call or a text from your home when you really need to know something

Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)

Choose what electrical appliance you want to stay on in the event of a power failure, we will use a battery backup for your larger appliances and use solar power for low energy items such as your LED lights. We will advise you based on your geographical location as to the best solution for your property, keeping only the devices you really need on for 365 days of the year. Now that’s smart

Linked properties

Cause something to change in one of your properties based events that have happened in another. E.g. Your elderly mother falls over and presses her panic alarm around her neck, your home next door starts to flash and/or prerecorded message is played through your speakers. Just incase you’re out; your home will notify you via text, email and even a phone call. Now that’s smart and practical

Your mind is really the only limit!

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