How it works

1. Design your Smart Home

Design your Smart Home with our online configuration tool.

2. Receive the Goodies

Receive a box containing all of the pre-configured equipment.

3. Installation

Your electrician plugs in your devices behind your wall and light fittings.

4. Control using App

Control your home manually as before or through your personalized app.

Power and ease in the
palm of your hands

You will get a revolutionary control of everything in your house that you can manage from only one app. You only need to learn one thing and it can be installed on every device; mobile phone, tablet and desktop. You will get FREE updates and bullet proof reliability.

Total Control in one
intuitive & simple App

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You have questions
we have answers

Will there need to be any damage to my property?

For a wireless/retrofit project, little to no damage would be required! We use a combination of your existing electrical infrastructure and battery powered devices to control your home. No need to worry about having to redecorate after installation. For a wired system it’s the same process as a full electrical rewire.

How long does it take to install?

This depends entirely of the size of your setup but in our experience its normally within a week. The average 2 bedroom flat set up can be installed in a day for a wireless system. For a wired system the longest part is the first fix which is typically a 2 to 4 weeks work for a typical 3 bed terraced house. The Loxone panel will take approximately 5 to 10 days to complete.

What if there is a power cut?

In the event of a power cut, you wouldn’t be able to turn your lights or heating on or off anyway so there’s no change there.  We do however offer services for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), although this is typically needed in special scenerios where you can’t afford to be offline.

What is a Miniserver?

A Miniserver is the brain of your smart home and hosts your app. It plugs directly into your router and communicates with all of your devices over your local WIFI network.

How reliable is a wireless automation system?

When it comes to reliability, it is important to ensure that data is sent between sender and receiver.

For example, if a room is too cold, the central control system sends the command “heating valve open“. The actuator sends a confirmation to the central control that the signal has arrived. If the confirmation is missing, the signal is sent again.

The technology that we use also works according to this principle. If a device is offline, this is automatically detected. A push notification will be automatically sent from the Loxone App to either the home/building owner or JSJ to take care of it.

Can I install the system myself?

You can certainly give it a go if you have basic electrical knowledge and a solid design from our team. Most people use their own electrician to keep costs down, or we can supply you with one of our certified/approved installers. We can be a one stop shop for your equipment, installation and aftercare.

What if something stops working?

Nothing is perfect and stuff can go wrong on occasion. A year of aftercare is included in your price and you have a year warranty on any piece of equipment in your set up, 2 years for your Loxone kit. We’ll be right there to help you so you’re never left in the dark. Our support email is:

When should I get in touch?

In short, anytime. We are ready to move whenever you are.
For us to provide you with a final price we would need some kind of electrical plan to work towards. That could be from your electrician, scribbled on the back of a napkin or even as simple as talking through it with one of our experts.
First, fill out our estimation tool then book yourself in for a free demonstration at our showroom if you would like to learn more.

How secure is wireless building automation?

As some wireless systems’ communication takes place over the air, often unencrypted, this bears the risk that unauthorized persons may “overhear” the communication and, in the worst case, repeat commands. As a non-network-based solution, Loxone provides secure encryption that meets the highest standards within any wireless building automation project. In fact, by creating a Cloud-free system, we firmly believe: “Your building, your data“, which means data stays within the walls of your home our building and never gets analyzed externally.

On a wireless hybrid approach, data is still local and ideally we fully manage your network and hence network security. Loxone smart homes are not cloud based, we offer a professionally installed network system that combats network threats as we essentially create a commercial grade setup for your property. We also offer to setup further secuirty such as firewalls/VLAN’s & ultra secure passwords.

Can I still get full functionality from a wireless solution?

Yes, the range of available solutions is getting increasingly wider both inside & outside of Loxone. We also use a Hybrid approach to use the best of everything with low cost robustness as our main priority. However, it is important to pay attention to a holistic solution where all devices can communicate easily and reliably.
For example, the Loxone Air product range offers more than 50 devices – from Presence Sensors, LED lighting, Water Sensors and more. We are constantly further developing our Air product range with functionality in mind. Our NoDE apporach makes use of Loxone Air & other IOT based devices to keep costs low.

Changing my router?

Please notify if you wish to change your Internet Service Provider or router, failure to do so may prohibit or limit access to your smart system.

Can I cover my entire building project with a wireless system for automation?

That depends on the technology. Since Loxone uses mesh technology, this means that every wireless device can receive and send data and works as a receiver and repeater at the same time. Data and commands are forwarded until they reach the respective component. If such a repeater fails, the mesh network reorganizes itself and the data still arrives. With mesh technology, a large range can be achieved. In addition, a Loxone Air installation can be scaled with full flexibility by using several Air Base Extensions or a Tree to Air Bridge.

If the Presence Sensor on the second floor is too far away from the Miniserver as the central control on the first floor, other Loxone Air products located in between take over the forwarding role. Commands from the first floor are easily transmitted to the upper floor – large and reliable transmission distances are possible.

The range for your project – whether house, apartment, office, restaurant – is more than sufficient when using a mesh-capable technology.

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