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As a parent there’s nothing more important than the safety of your child. Many of our clients are parents and share several concerns about home safety for their family and loved ones. This is often one of the first points discussed when deciding to enhance their home with smart technology.

We asked ourselves, how can we take away some of the stress and concerns parents have? – parents of new-borns especially. What are the key features we recommend that every parent has in their home? It’s tough in those early years where babies and toddlers can’t communicate things to you properly and this is something that is really understood by our team. In fact, our Managing Director here at JSJ Smart Homes, Stefan Knight, is a parent himself and has implemented several smart features to make his home child friendly.

Here are some of the smart features we can equip your home with that will make parenting feel a whole lot easier – all of which can be controlled from your mobile phone or by voice control using products such as Amazon Alexa and Google home.

Room Temperature Control

Automatically adjust room temperature to be suitable for your child. Higher temperatures can be dangerous for babies, especially new-borns – they are more likely to remain silent when overheating instead of crying out. Overheating can be a cause for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) especially in the winter period. With our Loxone smart solution you can easily moderate temperature in each individual room in your household. This means you can maintain a constant temperature for the safety and comfort of your child whilst still being able to increase or decrease temperatures in other areas of your home for yourself or guests.

Lighting Control

Smart lighting control comes in very handy when it comes to getting your child accustomed to a set routine. By controlling the level of lighting, you can clearly indicate when its nap time or time to wake up for feeding. This routine will really help you with managing your rest periods also. When your baby becomes a toddler, we can even set your lights to automatically turn on at a lower level so that they can find you safely and easily without a blinding light first thing in the morning.

Air Quality Control

You can also monitor air quality in the room and set a trigger to monitor and automatically adjust. Babies and small infants can be prone to respiratory problems and so this is key. You can place a sensor in the room to monitor CO2 levels. If the percentage level gets too high you will be immediately notified and can manually adjust this or set a trigger to do this automatically. With our smart solution we can better ventilate your room or even open windows automatically.

Audio Visual Control

Smart cameras can be placed in convenient and inconspicuous locations in your home. This is so that you can monitor your child and your household as a whole to ensure everything is in order. You can monitor the live or recorded footage from anywhere in the world! Our cameras also have audio so you can speak to and comfort your child if they seem a little restless.

The possibilities are endless with smart technology. Get in touch with us today to share your concerns and we will provide you with a solution. You can reach us by sending us an email to

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