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By jsjelec | March 7, 2023 | Data, SHADING, audio & visual, security

1904 Edwardian 400sqm Detached House (£74K)

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Client Testiomony

“To give context on our project, we were re-fitting a 1904 Edwardian 400sqm house from top to bottom. JSJ provided a comprehensive consultation process to identify our needs and wants. They then went one step further, they provided us with solutions to issues we hadn’t had the experience or gumption to identify. The range, ease and adaptability of the tech solution now means we have a bleeding tech home, that my 85year old Grandparents can operate as if they had just moved in 1904. However, my teenage daughters love how they can control, lighting, windows, ac, tv, gates, alarm, underfloor heating and music from their phones and tablets.”

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  • No network down time as our client is a Trader
  • Renovate Ground floor only and intgrate the rest of the house
    • Intelligent heating with new & exisiting
    • Utilise exisiting security feature and merge the old with the new
    • Use exiting Sonos speakers as alarm & doorbell
  • Speakers had to be invisbible (Wife’s Orders)
  • Control rooflight windows based on wind & rain
    • Use internet data & physical sensor for accuracy & prediction.
  • Automatic lighting levels based on time of day
  • Simple to use due for his family and parent who visit
  • Flexible/customisable
  • Audible feedback


  • Full Fibre through out the house & 200m Long Garden (Low Latency)
  • Smart Lighting & Heating
  • Wind & Rain Sensor on roof
  • Centrally Control Velux
  • Presence & absence detection
  • Custom notification to determine unusual circumstances
  • Human & Vehicle Detection
  • External lights automatically controlled from sunset to sunrise
  • Doorbell & audible feedback via Sonos audio
  • Future Proof for Cinema to maintain budget

What we installed

  • Loxone Miniserver
    • Loxone Relays, Dimmers, 1-Wire, Air Base Extention
  • RGBW Drivers (Colour Change Lighting)
  • Loxone Sensors (Brighness, Sound & Motion)
  • Loxone Touch Surface (Invisble Switch)
  • Loxone NFC Code Touch (Smart Keypad)
  • Loxone Intercom
  • Schneider Switches
  • Aico Fire Alarm integration
  • Raspberry PI (open source Sonos API)
  • Sonos Audio
  • Dahua CCTV
  • Intesis Box (Dakin AC Integration)
  • Sanus Data Rack
  • Drayetk Network Switches & WiFi Access Points
  • Iport Luxeport
  • Sonnance
    • Invisble Speakers/Marina
    • Amplifiers
  • APC Uninterupted Power Supply (UPS) for network back up of: CCTV/NVR, Router, Network Switch

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Brentwood, Essex, CM15

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