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By jsjelec | July 8, 2023 | HOME CINEMA, lighting, security, smart home

3 Bed, 2 Acre Plot in Brentwood Essex (£64K)

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This 19th centry, 5 bed semi-detached house was ranked the 3rd most expensive property in the area. Our client who often travelled alot, wanted to ensure that Comfort and Security go hand in hand. With large external grounds (~2 acres) and plenty of vulnerable areas. External human detection at night times remains a challenging problem. The features needed for detection are often unavailable, which makes it difficult to find human areas that are not even seen by the human eye, in addition to a large amount of visual noise. The client was provided with comprehensive consultation process to identify the needs and wants. These were around remote control, consolidation, comfort/entertaininment alongside security. 


  • Early warnings – detect intruders before they reach the house & notify the client wher ever they are in the world
  • Exisitng security system infrastruture to leverage
  • Maintain aspects of the exisitings house
  • Simple to us for non-tech savvy people
  • Audible feedback
  • Smar visibility of the entire grounds, included the car collection


  • Vehicle Detection
  • AI Human detetcion & PIR sensors to confirm a definite alarm.
  • Mimic occupancy use contorlled equipment
  • Smart Lighting & Heating
  • Presence & absence detection – automatic control
  • Custom notification to determine unusual circumstances
  • External lights automatically controlled from sunset to sunrise
  • Doorbell & audible feedback via Sonos audio
  • Fully intergaretd Home Cinema

What we installed

  • Loxone Miniserver
    • Loxone Relays, Dimmers, 1-Wire, Air Base Extention
  • DALI Lighting
  • Loxone Sensors (Brighness, Sound & Motion)
  • Loxone NFC Code Touch (Smart Keypad)
  • Loxone Intercom
  • Focus SB Switches
  • Aico Fire Alarm integration
  • URL MRX-5 (Sonos Integration)
  • Sonos Audio
  • Dahua CCTV with AI detection
  • GJD IR Floodlights
  • Wall Mounted Data Rack (Space Saver)
  • Drayetk Network Switches & WiFi Access Points
  • Savvant Intergation Via KNX
  • Sonance Speakers

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Brentwood, Essex, CM14

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